Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

I have been gone for soooooo long. We have been so busy, but I have never left the blog world. I am always reading something. The kids are getting so big. Big Boy is now 8, Miss Priss is 6, Lil' Miss Priss is 3 and Lil'Man is 18 months.

I am now not working and made a very big decision to give my life to Christ. I have always been a "church goer", but now I am a "follower and studying". I have had a very long year, by God have a plan for me and a purpose for my life and I want to live this way.

I plan to blog about my 30 minute tasks, weight watchers and home life. But I will start to talk about God and My new Support group (Celebrate Recovery).


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