Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facing Fears: Water

Fear has been the biggest obstacle getting in my way for my life. My fear has stopped me from doing so many things. I will be 34 on my birthday (July 24), and have been swimming many times. But in all the times of swimming I have never Dunked my head in the water. (Sound crazy...i know). I was always too scared to do it.

Well I faced my fears the weekend (5/15/2010) while with my kids and their aunt. We went to Pine Island and "I did it"....I dunked my whole head under the water. It was not as bad as I thought. My 6 yo and 8 yo were with me and if they could do it...I could do it too.

After facing this fear, I have decided to be baptized again. God has come into my life like a strong storm and is showing me a different way to live. I have always walked with him....Now I want to talk to him get to know him and be his VERY BEST FRIEND!!


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