Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weight Loss Challange- Week 2---(very last)

Here is my weekly update for the weight loss challange over at Momzoo. I did soooo bad last week. i didn't want to post as you can see the lateness of this post. But it is not always about the loss. It is a lifestyle change and I need to be a part of this Cahallange!!! I did weight on this past Tuesday.

Date: Tuesday, 10/7/08

Start weight: 273.0
10/7/08: 271.8 (+2.6) (To date:-1.2) ----> Better than I thought!
9/30/08: 269.2 (-3.8)
Goal: 10% (27lbs) by Thanksgiving
10/7/08 : +2.6 (25.8 To go)
9/30/08 : -3.8 (23.2 To go)

After posting I do feel a little better At least I didn't undo all that I had lost. Wish me luck for next week!!!!!!!


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