Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tips For WW at home

This past week I have been doing WW at home alone. I have been a member in the past and love it so much, but with time (kids in baseball and dance) and saving money I use the books that I got in the past at home. I have also found a wonderful website hosted by Dee to help with someone who is new. This site has a the daily point ranges breakdown by weight, a complete food list to with the points and lots of WW friendly recipes.

Tips I use to help me doing WW at home.
  1. Before each meal drink a glass of water . ( I keep a 32 oz bottle with me everywhere I go)
  2. Keep your teeth brushed after each meal. (sounds crazy, but it works. The toothpaste make the great food taste funny)
  3. Get a special small notebook to track you points.
  4. Measure your food. (this has been the best life saver for me. I never knew who much I was eating until I started doing this...BIG eye opener!!!!)

These are small tips that I use to help me on WW at home. Remember to always take baby steps and it is a lifestle change that does not happen over night. I have turtles all over my house to help me remember that "Slow and steady wins the race" I will show my best ones one day.

Have a good week!!!


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Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Those are all really good tips, thanks for the reminders!

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