Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yeast, Yeast everywhere!!!

I am new to blogging. today in the mail i received 200 3-ct packs of Fleischmann's Yeast. On April 1 I won 2 auctions on Ebay: the first one was .25 for 100 and the second one was .99 for the other 100. With shipping it was a total for 16.24.

Making each pack only .08 cents. Now my question is what to do you do with this much of yeast?


mama said...

oh........bake bread, dinner buns, cinnamon buns, butter horns and MORE!!!

Mrs Jackson said...

You make bread....lots and lots of Bread!

Since you have so much at one should store a bunch of it in your freezer. I have yeast that is over 16 years old, and it still works great! (I got 10 pounds of yeast back before my son was born) Package it up as air tight as you can and keep it in the freezer. I proof mine every time to make sure it's still working and it's never failed me yet.

Have fun!

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